Swallow cave high line is open for business!

Kunming has gotten its second highline! This line is much improved from the first one set up at the TNT wall. The line at the TNT wall drew some criticism as it had a cave roof above with tufas hanging down, which were a bit disorienting and some people believed it to be a bit dangerous….Anyway….

The new line at Swallow cave is great, you step off a platform into open space, with trees swaying in the breeze below you, the valley soon opens up and you get the full exposure of the line. The line is about 25m long, has bolted anchors and nice platform on one side to chill out and prepare for your walk. The opposite set of anchors requires a person to rap in, but we have bolted rap anchors above, so this is quite easy to do.


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Calling high lining enthusiasts

We love high lining and have put a lot of effort into developing a line at the TNT wall, we are keen to find people who have high lined before and who want to contribute their experience to the founding of high lining in Kunming.

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Slacklining in and around Kunming

For all the slackers out there, the local scene is growing fast, mostly amongst the expats of Kunming, but it is catching on with the local Chinese as well. There are many lines and locations around the city, the most popular is the campus of the Science and Technology University, on Xuefu Lu, the guys using a range of lengths and styles (1” and 2” lines). Another popular area is out at the Kunming Botanical Gardens, in the north of the city, but far away from the hustle and bustle.

Pete Slacklining KIB

For the more serious guys out there, we have a highline set up out at the TNT Wall, near Xiaomoyu Village (click here for directions). A fun line bridging a gap between two walls, with a shelf to start off of, a roof with tufas hangs above, while the world opens below. See the gallery section for more great photos from this line.We have scouted 2 new spots for highlining and will be bolting the anchors in the weeks to come, watch this space!




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