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Swallow cave high line is open for business!

Kunming has gotten its second highline! This line is much improved from the first one set up at the TNT wall. The line at the TNT wall drew some criticism as it had a cave roof above with tufas hanging down, which were a bit disorienting and some people believed it to be a bit dangerous….Anyway….

The new line at Swallow cave is great, you step off a platform into open space, with trees swaying in the breeze below you, the valley soon opens up and you get the full exposure of the line. The line is about 25m long, has bolted anchors and nice platform on one side to chill out and prepare for your walk. The opposite set of anchors requires a person to rap in, but we have bolted rap anchors above, so this is quite easy to do.


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Looking for more photos

We are looking for more photos of Kunmingers and visitors climbing around Kunming’s crags! So please send your shots to me so that your beautiful faces and ripped bodies can be featured in the Kunmingrock photo gallery. Also please let me know which climbs your photos were taken on.


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Route closed until further notice

The route “Plunge of the Mantis” at the scorched earth wall at the Gash crag is closed until further notice.

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A cautionary note

A note from the developers: For many of the crags that are being newly developed around Kunming, by us and by other climbers in the area, the bolts used are sourced locally. They have no official rating, though they have been independently tested and held a minimum strain of 1.5 kN. We are confident they are good enough quality, but make no guarantees towards anybody’s safety and offer no responsibility for anything that may go wrong, due to poor bolt placement or bolt failure. We have however equipped routes in such a way that we feel are safe enough for ourselves. And of course, personal safety is something we value quite highly. For information please feel free to contact us through this website.

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Falling fridges at TNT wall is closed

Falling fridges at the TNT wall is closed because it is unsafe to climb. There is a gigantic flake on the route (marked with a white skull and crossbones) that is loose. The flake needs to be removed and the route rebolted before it is climbable again. We have tried removing this flake using two people with crowbars to pull it off but so far it has not budged. Rather play it safe and stay off this route!

If this flake comes off it will kill both you and your belayer should you not heed this warning!!

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