Route closed until further notice

The route “Plunge of the Mantis” at the scorched earth wall at the Gash crag is closed until further notice.

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Directions to The Gash 松林

The Gash is an enormous crag located close by the village of Song Lin 松林, which lies on the road between Bamboo Temple 筇竹寺 and Fu Min 富民 and can be reached on  the  C63 bus. Be careful as there are 2 different C63 buses, who knows why they have the same code, as they go to different places??? The C63 that you want to take departs from the bottom (about 40m from the railway tracks) of Hong Shan Dong Lu 红山东路 at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm and returns on a similar schedule, taking between 1 and 1.5 hours. You could also catch the bus at Hei Lin Pu  黑林铺, but then make sure it is the correct C63…… Once you have reached Song Lin village 松林 (bus terminates here) you must take a right turn up the hill and walk for about 2km, past a brick factory and then upwards towards the crag. There is a left turn onto a dirt road, off the main tarred road that you are walking along, which leads all the way up to the crag. If you miss the turn onto the dirt road you will wind down and right into the valley and village below the crag. The crag is visible from the road and so finding your way should not be too difficult.

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Directions to Swallow cave

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Directions to Fu Min 富民 canyon

Fumin Canyon is a little further away from Kunming than the XiaoMoyu area, however with close to one hundred climbs ranging from 5c to 8a, and a number of undocumented new multi pitch routes, as well as a few decent camping spots it is definitely worth visiting.

The first part of the journey is to the northwest bus station 西北部车站 which can  be reached either on the number one bus or by taxi. Here you must buy a ticket (from the left hand booths) to FuMin 富民 . You will find the bus at the far left hand side of the platform, and it will leave when it is full. The buses also act as a delivery service to the villages, so don’t be surprised if you pull in and somebody fills the aisle with sacks of corn. The journey is not unpleasant (except for the tunnel) and will drop you off at the bus station in FuMin. Turn right out of the bus station and carry on until you cross the river, the next turning on your left will take you to the climbing. The road here continues for about 4km before arriving at a bridge, and the climbing areas. You can take either a cheap seat on one of the knackered looking donkey carts, or a slightly quicker ride in one of the 面包车 minibuses for about 5 kuai.

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