Useful links

We have put together a list of links that you may find useful to navigate your way around climbing in China.

Climb China (A few climbing enthusiasts and travelers who have put together a comprehensive guidebook to rock climbing in China)

Climb China’s facebook page (for linking up with other climbers traveling around China *note you will need a VPN to access this page)

Climbing Kunming (This website is in Chinese. See also their links to the Kunming climbing guidebook and their climbing gym Red Point gym)

Dali Bar Kunming’s homegrown energy bar brand. These are the best bars you’ve ever tasted!

Panda Climb (bouldering gym and an online gear shop operating out of Kunming)

Climb Dali (for all things climbing related in Dali)

Climbing in Li Ming (downloadable guidebook available on their website)

Climbing on Cat Ba island (formerly Slo Pony adventures, now Asia Outdoors)

Kunming Rental Apartment An Airbnb run by a friend of ours. Includes kitchen and is just steps away from the normal departure points for vans headed to the crags.

Kunming Rock Facebook Page More frequent photo updates, discussions, etc.

Viet Climb (a climbing operation with guidebooks, a gym and activities based in Hanoi)



 Social projects

We are also including some links below to social upliftment projects that was started in the areas in which we climb.

  • These links are for a project in Getu He(Getu great arch), to help the local villagers raise funds for more mechanized rice threshing machines. During harvest season these villagers have a really tough time getting all the rice off the fields before winter sets in, and this is our way of showing our support to them.  We will be adding a PayPal donation button to this site shortly, but in the meantime, you can donate to  which already has a PayPal donation button set up. This project is a joint project between and You can follow the hashtags on twitter #geturicethresherproject for regular updates about the status of the project. You can read more about this project here and here.

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  • Dave says:

    Hey all! I’m looking for partners…I am in Yunnan now. I have been traveling with my step brother (who is Chinese, from shanghai) and his girlfriend. I have turned them onto climbing a bit, but their goals are not the same as mine and as you all know we climbers and adventure enthusiasts can be different people to say the least. Anyway, we will likely part ways until I meet them in shanghai the 24th to head back home. I am looking for partners to get a few days more climbing in either in Yunnan, since I am already here or around Shanghai…feel free to email me

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