Why travelling 20km takes an hour (or more)

We often wonder at the variety of ways in which our journeys to the local crags go from a straight forward drive to a bit of a mission. I guess if you factor all of the variables into the equation it is not at all surprising that the 15 – 20km journeys often takes about an hour (or sometimes more).

Variable one:

Development is much more important than free flowing traffic. Therefore the road going through the village is not really a road it is a public space to be used for construction work…

village road excitements

Variable two:

Saving money on construction costs is very important. So, in order to save money the nails securing the solar panelled lamp posts into the ground is only 15cm long…

village road excitement3

village road excitement

Variable three:

It is very important to stay entertained whilst driving. So to make sure that people don’t get bored of the tedious task of driving with a car full of passengers, the rear view mirrors are fitted with DVD screens so that the driver can watch movies while he drives.

village road escitements 4

Variable four:

Livestock always has the right of way…

village road

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Xiao Mo Yu cave and Fumin canyon topos

The topos for these areas are available from the local Chinese developers who run a climbing gym and website called Red Point.

You can contact them here to buy a guide book.

Else, you could go with someone who knows the area and the routes in the Xiao mo yu cave, nearby cornfield as well as the Fumin canyon area.

(the topos are also available in the newly published Climb China guidebook)

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