Directions to the TNT wall

For the TNT Wall, follow the directions as for Xiao Mo Yu and at the ‘intersection’ take the first right after the smelly trash house, this is also the first option right as you enter the village. Follow this road through the houses, into the fields, stick with it through the fields, don’t turn off at any junctions. At the end of the road (there’ll be old broken buildings on your left) turn right and right again (through the vegetable patch), heading back in your original direction to another set of derelict buildings, these should be obvious.

Walk past these buildings and then there will be a small field of some sort of crop, at the back right corner of this field is a path heading up into the forest, follow it all the way up and keep in the direction of the rocky outcrop at the top, the path branches a few times but if you keep in mind where the crag at the top of the hill is it should take you up there, a steep 30 min walk (maybe longer if you’re not sure of the path). About 2/3’s of the way up you’ll reach a rocky clearing and you’ll see the wall up to your right, after about 100m the path turns right and drops down before heading to the crag, turning left and uphill at the base of a large cypress, and then right following a rocky outcrop (you might need to use your hands at this point).

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